Iceland: Experiencing the Natural Wonders of Fire and Ice

Exploring Iceland's volcanoes

Iceland: Experiencing the Natural Wonders of Fire and Ice

Gather ’round the screen, Spanky, and let me tell you about the four most important things you will see when you land in Iceland with your GoPro camera. Whether it be mighty glaciers or steamy hot springs, this place is all about catering to those adrenaline junky creatures who just can’t get enough of outdoor adventure and desire.

Geothermal activity in Iceland

The country of Iceland is so famous for its geothermal activity because it is located right on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. It is here that the unique geological features that create the area’s abundant natural hot springs, geysers and volcanic landscapes can be seen. The Golden Circle is an area in Iceland which is probably the most famous at all with a lot of geothermal areas. Here, you will also enjoy the stop at the impressive Gullfoss waterfall, where glacial water thunders down into a deep canyon. Your next sightseeing stop on your tour will be the Geysir geothermal area with the flume geyser Strokkur. Get ready to see the incredible power of nature as hundreds of gallons of boiling water erupt into the sky!

Always popular, the Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa known for its milky-blue waters. Relax in these healing waters and let the natural silica mud nourish your skin. Thar she blows: Not only is the Blue Lagoon a place to chill, but it is very impressive with the steam rising over the volcanic wasteland of Iceland.

Iceland Glaciers Like betraying a secret

Iceland Glaciers Like betraying a secret

One of the most beautiful glaciers in our world is located in Iceland. Vatnajökull Glacier: One of the best-known, and the biggest on Iceland. And, the icy monster is spanning a whopping 8,000 square kms, teeming with stunning ice formations. Venture out to see the glacial ice caves which are sparkling mirages hidden under the glacier, an ethereal delight of natures craftsmanship. The ice caves gleam a blue as bright as the sky, exposed through years upon years of ice compressing and melting away, leaving behind a world of ethereal nature. When you hike deeper inside the ice, its walls, illuminated in blue tones, shine around you, making for a surreal, otherworldly experience unmet elsewhere in the world.

If you want to take it up a notch up, you can even consider glacier hiking or ice climbing. Those with a penchant for adventure can pull on their crampons and take a guided walk on the ice. The crevasses, ice sculptures, and ice formations will astound you as they seem to stretch to the horizon. Adding on white water rafting to such divine landscapes will surely make it an out of world experience for you.

Exploring Iceland’s volcanoes

Iceland is a fiery land due to the volcanic activity here. This country contains many volcanoes and several are still active. It is a volcanic island, home to the huge volcano Eyjafjallajökull that erupted in 2010 and caused hundreds of cancellations over Europe. Ways to experience the volcanic landscapes and the ashes of former eruptions with your own eyes. It’s as harsh and barren as the moon, with nature itself creating the most dramatic changes in the lay of the land.

For the more adventurous, go inside the dormant volcano Thrihnukagigur. This dormant volcano gives visitors a rare opportunity to view only accessible magma chamber in the world. Travel 120 meters deep within the volcano and enjoy a unique view of the colors and shapes that fill its walls. We will explore and experience the power and beauty of the Iceland Volcanoes. It will be a truly special unforgettable adventure.

Hunting The Auroras in Iceland

The Northern Lights are the most magical natural phenomenon you can see in Iceland, if not around the world. These dancing lights occur naturally and are caused by the interaction of the Earth’s magnetic field with electrically charged particles from the sun which enter the Earth’s atmosphere. Iceland’s position near the Arctic Circle makes it a frequent viewing point for this entrancing spectacle.

For the best chance of spotting the Northern Lights, escape from the bright city lights, and hopefully clear skies welcome you! If you are lucky, you will see them during the winter months and after dark. The aurora can be tricky, so check in here to watch the latest forecasts and get ready to stay up late if you want to see the lights! In the end, vibrant hues will come scorching in and directly lighting up the darkness, bringing you a scene so beautiful that it’ll put the Magic Kingdom’s wishes in your pocket.

Unique wildlife in Iceland

Iceland – a nation of could-be lava fields – is home to a surprising haven of wildlife. The coast at this time of year is alive with sea birds, puffins, guillemots and kittiwakes. Go on a boat tour to the bird cliffs, where the birds are just living in their homes. The cliffs are a real natural wonder with thousands of birds that build their nests on them.

Whales are actually residents of Iceland too. You can go on a whale-watching tour to see humpback whales, orcas, and minke whales swim in the area. Witnessing these fantastic beasts may remind you for some time.

The Most Famous Natural Landmarks in Iceland

Iceland – the land of fire and ice, sprinkled with some unique natural wonders, stands testament to this fact. Reynisfjara is one of the black sand beaches near the village of Vik. Black volcano sand stands in stark contrast to the roaring latoto waves and towering basalt columns, producing a stark, captivating landscape.

One more known point — Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon, the so-called “Diamond Beach.” The lagoon itself is a piece of art, with icebergs that have calved from the nearby Breiðamerkurjökull glacier. Finally the icebergs make their way to the ocean and meander up on a black black sand beach plated with the sparkling ice.

Geothermal activity in Iceland

Outdoor activities in Iceland

Iceland is an awesome place for outdoor enthusiasts due to the plethora of activities that can be done. There are plenty of things to do: hike, trek, kayak, horseback-ride… Hike through the rugged highlands and find secluded waterfalls, shimmering lakes, and untouched nature. Whether hiking to the top of a volcano, or finding respite in the warm waters of a natural hot spring after a long day of adventure. And you will understand that Iceland’s outdoors are truly beautiful as you will not want to leave.

Planning your trip to Iceland

If you are planning a trip to Iceland, take into account in which season you want to go and what kind of activities you want to experience. With such opportunity, the summer months are perfect for those looking to enjoy long days in the great outdoors and to discover the beauty of the open country. But of course, if you absolutely must go on a Northern Lights expedition, it is probably preferable to go in the winter.

Be sure to dress for the changeable weather, with warm layers, waterproofs and sturdy hiking boots. Pre-book accommodations, as well as some please activities, during the tourist seasons.

Beauty of Fire and Ice – Iceland

Iceland is the land of fire and ice, the most beautiful landscape on our planet. Established for discovering its geothermal wonders and brilliant icy masses to volcanic scenes and rich fauna, Iceland has no deficiency of normal marvels to investigate.

With landscapes that are sure to take your breath away, make the most of a truly unforgettable experience that is out of this world. Iceland will draw you in whether you are an adventurer seeing the Northern lights, brave enough to explore Ice caves, only journeying to stunning highlands.

So, pack your bags, lace up your boots, and prepare to tread over the raw beauty of fire and ice in Iceland; This is one journey you will never want to have it away from.

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